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Have you recently purchased an almond orchard in Stanislaus county as an investment and need someone to manage it for you?  Have you been farming for years and decided it’s time to let someone else do the work while you relax and spend your days on the lake?  You need look no further.  I am a third generation almond farmer who specializes in farm management of almonds.  I started learning the ins and outs of almond farming as soon as I was old enough to climb onto a tractor and drive on my own. 

After over 20 years of being involved in the production of almonds I have come to realize that things are ever changing and more and more of my time is spent keeping up with the new diseases, harmful insects, and new research, as well as keeping track of the ever increasing and changing government regulations.  The days of an almond farmer spending all day every day in the fields have come to an end.  Whether you are looking for someone to take over your orchard under a farm management plan or whether you want to let it all go and turn it over on a lease agreement, we do both. 

We believe that what you get out of an orchard all hinges on how much you put into it.  In saying that, if you are looking for someone to farm your orchard for bottom dollar, you may want to look elsewhere.  We believe that what you get out of an orchard is highly dependent on what you put into it.  We feed our trees and feed them well.  Whether it be through fertilizers and nutrients broadcast on the ground or through nutrients sprayed directly on the trees we do our best to maintain an extremely healthy orchard that will produce the maximum yield possible.  We work closely with a certified PCA who helps us determine the timing of sprays as well as whether one is needed.  We also use soil samples and leaf samples to help guide us through the day to day decisions of what needs to be done.  If a spray is needed we jump in and get it done in a timely manner, what we won’t do is spray just because that is what people do.  We understand the times are tight and don’t believe in doing something just for the sake of doing it.  If we see an opportunity to save some money somewhere we will do what we can.

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